Rate Limits and Pricing

StealthGPT API Rate Limits and Pricing Plans

The StealthGPT API offers different rate limits and pricing plans to accommodate various user requirements. This section will detail the rate limits and pricing plans available for the StealthGPT API, including token costs and discounts based on purchase volume.

Rate Limits

Rate limits for the StealthGPT API are designed to ensure fair usage and prevent abuse of the API. Rate limits are measured in two ways: RPM (requests per minute) and TPM (tokens per minute). The table below highlights the rate limits for our API plan:

  • 3,500 RPM and 350,000 TPM

Please note that StealthGPT API does not currently offer free trials.

Pricing Plans

The StealthGPT API follows a Token Advance pricing model, where you pay for tokens used in API requests. Tokens are purchased in bundles, and discounts are applied based on the volume of tokens you buy. The more tokens you purchase, the steeper the discount.

Token Bundles and Discounts

Here is a breakdown of the available token bundles and their corresponding discounts:

  • Bundle 1: 20,000 tokens for $10 - 0% discount

  • Bundle 2: 210,000 tokens for $100 - 5% discount

  • Bundle 3: 2,250,000 tokens for $1,000 - 10% discount

Endpoint Pricing

Different endpoints have different pricing structures. Below is the pricing per endpoint:

EndpointBusiness SettingToken Conversion Rate


Business = false

1 standard token = 1 stealth token


Business = true

1 business token = 10 stealth tokens



1 article token = 50,000 stealth tokens

Custom Rates for Larger Use Cases

For users with larger use cases or unique requirements, we can arrange custom pricing and rate limits. Please contact support@stealthgpt.ai for a custom quote. Provide your use case and estimated word/token need on a monthly basis to receive a tailored pricing plan.

Increase Token Allowance

To purchase additional tokens, please visit the home page once you are signed in or contact our support team for assistance.

By understanding the rate limits and pricing plans available for the StealthGPT API, you can choose the most suitable option for your needs and budget. If you need further assistance or have questions, please refer to the other sections of the documentation or contact our support team.

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